The Generator

I can proudly say that I am now a Virtual Member of the UNITEC Business Incubator. 

Access to business workshops and coaching as well as a rich network of designers and business people is a great advantage for starting up my business while working full time. 

The two day Start Up Business course run at WE (Waitakere Enterprise) with Gosling Chapman, proved to be a turning point for my personal and business development.  I was able to set short, medium and long terms goals that are realistic but full of potential.  Barbara Joy, the business coach was inspirational and got me motivated to pursue my business dreams.  I now have business cards for Rekindle and an action plan to get me to the next stage. 

“The Generator was designed to try to find these naturally creative business people and nurture their commercial know-how. Certainly, designers are particularly well placed to develop entrepreneurial skills. They are by definition creative thinkers who in their training often think about and work with the products of business – consumer goods, engineering products, buildings, communications, graphics, etc. They come to the business table from a different angle to most business students in that they come from the creative side, but that’s all to the good, because creativity has never been more important in business than it is today. A designer with a good head for business is very likely to make a good business person, especially capable of generating powerful new product and service concepts and business ideas. It is clear that the Generator has provided a useful model for helping young design entrepreneurs, and has further highlighted the benefits that accrue to design students if they are exposed early and in an engaging way to business training.”

– Roger Bateman Director of the UNITEC Creative Business Incubator. For more info visit


Hot New Zealand Design

Hey there, I haven’t had much interesting news lately so its been a while but heres some news!

 A new website showcasing up and coming N.Z designers and artists is launching on 29 Feb and I am on of the emerging designers!  My recycled teacup jewellery along with my new Crinkle Bowls will be featured.

 Check out some seriously cool design at

Also on the news front you can now buy my teacup bangles at the funky Texan Art School stores located at four locations in Auckland; 366 Broadway Newmarket, Pakuranga Plaza and Ponsonby Rd.

L xox


Suite 6 at Labyrinth


Suite 6 opened with a bang at the Unitec Grad show on Wenesday 28th November and is open until Saturday 1 December 4pm.

Thanks to all of those who joined in our celebrations and hope to see you all soon.


Tea Time


Garnet and Cream Tea time set.

Tea time is a luxerious teaset for those who love to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with friends.  The tea bowls allow the tea to cool quicker and encourage a top up from the pot.  The ceramic teapot comes with four teabowls and a sugar jar. 

Available in a range of limited edition colours – Garnet, Cobalt, Emerald, Black and Cream.
*All other colours can be made on request.

Hold me


Ceramic bowls which beg you to pick them up and hold them.  My soft bowl is inspired from a felt cosy I made for my teapot.  The seamlines and texture from the felt is still visible so I have reappropriated the cosy into the ceramic process. 

Rekindle and Porcelain Rove at Craftwerk

Craftwerk at St. Kevins Arcade, Karangahape Road, Auckland. 13 September.

Jamie and myself with our wee stall at Craftwerk. I sold the teacup bangles and heart pendants and the ceramic cups with patterns are Jamie’s creation!

Look out for our work on

The next Craftwerk will be early December and we will definately be there!

Suite 6 Select exhibition


My Teapot & Cup series on display in the Suite 6 Select exhibition at Te Karanga Gallery, 208 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD.  From 20 August – 1 September 07.  Theres a lovely tea shop there, check it out!