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Hello fellow artisians, readers alike

Well I feel its been way too long since anything was happening for Rekindle and so with a bit of news under my belt, why don’t we get started!

I’ve been on my big OE as we call it, travelling around UK, Europe, South Africa and a quick stint in the USA on the way home to New Zealand. I had an amazing time, experienced great place and meet some awesome people.  Well all the fun had to come to an end sometime, and so last November we landed in Auckland and have been settling into life here.  I’m in the process of finding myself a full time job ideally in a Gallery working as an assitant, so if you know of anything please let me know. 

Anyway Rekindle is still alive and growing.   I have been make more stock since being back, and always on the look out for gorgeous cups, I’m a bit sad to cut them up, but I know they are going to a new home! 

My current stockists are: – Can post all over NZ and internationally.  A growing NZ Design website selling the very best of what NZ designers and Artists have to offer.

Texan Art Schools – Ponsonby and Newmarket stores in Auckland, NZ.

Victorias – Gift shop. Picton Street, Howick, Auckland, NZ.

*Opening soon – E for Ethel – sustainable products from Australasia. Located in Adelaide, South Australia.

(  Looking for something different for your next tea party or gathering?  )

I have been making some gorgeous cake stands with all the left over saucers and plates.  Second hand liquor glasses seperate the plates and contrast nicely against the ceramic.  They come in two tier or three tier sizes in a range of colours and styles.  If you would like a bespoke design, I am willing to use your own plates to make the piece extra special to you. 

Plate DetailRoyal Albert Enchantment High Tea 2 Tier Plate Stand

2 Tier Fresh and Fruity

Rose Essemble High Tea trio

Royal Albert Enchantment High Tea 2 Tier Plate Stand


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I'm 21 and currently in my last year at uni studying object design at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm looking foward to traveling after my degree and spending some time overseas working. View all posts by lindsayp

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