Souvenirs Revisited, Cynthia Hathaway. Interview from MocoLoco.

“The ceramics are based on forms of souvenirs that at one time were very popular as gifts and as representations of Canada. I have manipulated them to reflect a more up – to – date version without the distancing factor of kitsch or sentimentality. We are living in a highly sensitive time in the sense that we cannot hide anymore behind the glitter. Our Canadian landscape is changing drastically, as it is globally, so the cultural challenge is to communicate responsibly our identity that makes one think through beauty of form and dialogue. It’s not the time to be romantic. It’s the time to have our symbols reflect reality. So yes, points of view can and must be changed, and evolve to meet the current situation that is hitting us between the eyes.”


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I'm 21 and currently in my last year at uni studying object design at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm looking foward to traveling after my degree and spending some time overseas working. View all posts by lindsayp

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